Kenny A. Chaffin
                     Partial Publication List
                     Recent Publication Credits		 
Spinning                   Kindle eBook         March 2012

No Longer Dressed          Kindle eBook         April 2012
  in Black 
(Poems 1990-2010)

A Bit Light                Kindle ebook         April 2012
(a Marville short story)

Old Barn                   Mindfire Renewed     Issue 2 - Summer 2004

Brown Dirt Boy             The Pacific Review   Summer 2004

Sunday                     Mind Mutations       Anthology - 2004

A Day of Rest              Mind Mutations       Anthology - 2004

Seductress                 Decompositions       May 2004					 
Innocence                  PoetrySz             Vol 11 - July 2003					 
Freestyle                  The Writers Hood     February 2003

Charles Darwin in Kansas   The Writers Hood     February 2003

Girl With Goat               14-4-30            Issue 1 (February 2003)

Scissor-Tail Flycatcher      14-4-30            Issue 1 (February 2003)

It Could Happen to U2         Mipo              Vol 2 Issue Dos Jan 2003
Feet                          Melange           Vol 4 No 2 - Spring 2002
What Once Was Love         The Writers Hood      December 2001

Rocket Radio                Star*line            November 2001

Mama's Grave               Poet and Writer          July 2001  					 
                            Contest Winner
Blackbirds             The Caney River Reader    Spring/Summer 2001  					 
                             Issue #2
Ode to the Muse (poem)       The Bay Review      November 2000
Scrubbing the Kitchen        The Bay Review      January 2001
 Floor (poem) 

One For You                  The Bay Review      January 2001 

                     Other Publication Credits
Choosing the Right Computer    The Writer          September 1990

Review of: Successful 
Science Projects               Science Probe       April 1991
Nine Steps to Better Articles  The Writer          July 1991

Spinning (fiction              Vision Magazine     June 1991

Robots in Your Blood 
(juv-science)                  The Friend          June 1991

Reach Out and Touch (fiction)  Vision Magazine     August 1991

The Adult Child Syndrome       Today's Family      Sept/Oct 1991

The Effect of Divorce on Kids  Today's Family      May/June 1992

A Poet's Work  (poem)          Esc!                Spring 1993

Technopoetry (poetry chapbook) KAC Publications    October 1993

Mind Storms (poetry chapbook)  KAC Publications    October 1993

Writing Killer Querie          Writers' Journal    January 1994

Multimedia Personal Computers  The Electron        Jan/Feb 1994

The Virtual Reality of 
the Internet                   The Electron        Mar/Apr 1994

Communication Gets Personal    The Electron        May/June 1994

Technology....Smart Road       The Electron        Sept/Oct 1994

Voyager: Exper. in the Sky 
(juv-science)                  Images - D.C. Heath October 1994

It's A Robot World 
(juv-science)                  Images - D.C. Heath October 1994

Light Up the Sky (juv-science) Images - D.C. Heath October 1994

Seeing is Believing 
(juv-science)                  Images - D.C. Heath October 1994

Cable Television...
New Opportunities              The Electron        June/July 1995

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